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To Nuttz
Monday. 6.30.08 7:52 am
Dear Nuttz, i know you have lots of problems lately, especially family problems. I am not very good in comforting people nor am i very good in words but i believe you are a strong girl and you can get over this : )

Here is a song dedicated for you, it's called Only Human by K, enjoy~

And a bonus for you cause i love that song and i wish i could sing it during graduation ceremony =P

Sangatsu Kokonotsu(9th March)

Here is the lyrics for it http://www.animelyrics.com/jpop/remioromen/sangatsukokon.htm

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An update
Saturday. 4.26.08 12:52 am
It seems to take me forever to update my blog >< Due to uni stuff and lots of complication, i have lost my motivation to blog BUT today i am back to my ownself ^^

So what happen recently? Nothing much, except stress and stress and a lot of angst which i know someone is sick of hearing me saying this over and over again.There is alot i want to say, but whenever i feel like blogging, i forgot what i want to share with you guys. Next time, i am going to write down my thoughts, if possible :/

So here is a few things i am suppose to get it done:
1)Send a belated birthday card to annabelle (sorry anna chan, i am quite busy lately ><)

2) Send a birthday card to cat-chan

3) Write a letter for Mee Xin (she wrote me a long letter and i didn't reply her yet because i was too busy, what a friend i am, huh?!)

4) Send Nuttz her Vampire Knights postcards ( i should have done this ages ago but again i m busy D:)

5) Send Shuang a card ( Oh my, i should write her a long letter, without her i don't think i can stay sane until now, she don't me ranting and grumbles to her, Thank you!!)

6) Send Judy a card (Although i am not close to her but she gives me some good advice)

I think i am going to give the priority to the birthday girls first, so i shall send the card next week. And guys, sorry ><, i will send yours later after i have finish my test.

Oh and i promise Nuttz that i am going to show my bedroom pictures to her, so here they are, enjoy~~~

Sorry its a bit messy ><, oh and the turkish delight was a present from my housemate ^^

That's the backyard, nice view eh?

My landlady's dog, she is such a friendly little thing, licks me all over ^^. Oh, her name is Buffy, lol, kinda reminds me of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.

And i have an apple pie with hot chocolate today, yum~~ Unfortunately, my chocolate is not the cafe style >.<

Ok, that's all for today, i will try to update more next time, take care guys.

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Tuesday. 1.29.08 11:51 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Some thoughts
Wednesday. 11.21.07 10:51 pm
listening to: You Raise Me Up - Lena Park

You know, the best way to get over your depression is do more housework!! LOL, at least it works in my case. I found myself more happy to see a clean house, to be exact, a clean kitchen =) I guess i am back to my ownself, hopefully.

I have been thinking a lot this past few days but i don't know what to bring up. Well, about my housemates, i think i am fine with them right now, cheers. When i sit down and think rationally, i guess partly it too is our fault. We never really communicate with them well so how do we expect them to understand us therefore the whole incident happens is because of misunderstanding. Oh well, a lesson for us to learn, we need to learn how to socialise but i still HATE socialising T.T (You are contradicting with your ownself!!)

Come to think of it, i really need to thank the support all my friends have given to me, without them i don't think i can go this far, i really really want to thank them alot. I think i have to sing the song 'You Raise Me Up' to them :D you know who i mean right? *wink*. And a really really big thank you to my cousin who always support me no matter what, you send me in tears when you told me you just want me to be happy and you will always support me no matter what path i choose, i *sobs* i really thank you alot for what you have done for me. And a big thank you to my parents too. >.<

And as for today, i just read a commentary for Sawada Tsunayoshi from KHR. I really like how Tsuna is compare to Sora(Sky). Especially love the line 'The sky holds everything but who understand the sky', again literally translation, sucky translation, sorry >.<. I must say Tsuna is the most compassionate mafia boss i have ever seen, to be exact, he really doen't suit to be a mafia boss. Just like the 9th boss said," You are a child with a heart that is really mismatched for a mafia boss.You always have lines between your brows, clenched your fists as if praying." In the Ten Years Later arc, tsuna was push to the edge, honestly, for someone to be send to the future, ten years later to find your future self dead and with all the crisis and stuff, at last tsuna lose his composure. You can't blame him, if i was in his situation, i too will be panic and he is after all a fifteen year old boy, this responsibility and pressure is a bit too much for a boy to handle. I must thank mi yue for the lovely commentary she wrote about tsuna, i can't help but agree what she said about tsuna, and i am really glad that there is someone who loves tsuna like me. Unfortunately, i can't write like her. T T

I found a picture, sora~~ :D

The cloud and the sky ^^. (1827 ka??????? AHHHHHHHH!!! 1827 RULEZZ!!!!!!!)
Pssst, i love it when tsuna said he feels braver with hibari san around. AHHHH!!!! Is that a confession???

Speaking off tsuna reminds me of watanuki from xxxholic. He too wants a normal life like tsuna. Unfortunately his life is like going down a rabbit hole after meeting yuuko san~ Sigh, i really want to hug this two boys, to tell them, "Hang on there, believe in yourself, believe in your friends."

Lastly, i must thank you for reading until the last, thank you for listening to me rambling. I can't explain my love to those 2-D characters, to me they are like friends to me, they taught me valuble lessons and motivates me when i am down. That's all for today, thanks for reading.

To Nuttz : Gambatte with your finals, you can do it!!

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Tuesday. 11.20.07 3:35 am
Sigh, I am very depressed lately. Yeah, i know i should rejoice after i finish my exams but i can't. I have no idea, maybe it's some kind of post-exam stress. Another reason might be the incident concerning about my housemate *mumbles*. I really need to get out from this house, its suffocating me. Ever since we 'quarelled', i have been coping myself inside the room for weeks except sitting for the exams at school and to cook(even if i want to cook, i have to wait for them to get back to their rooms to avoid meeting them). Gah, just by hearing their voice pissed me off, another reason why i plug in earphone whole day long. Oh yeah, thanks to my 'wonderful' housemates, i have learn a wonderful lesson.

Lesson Number One: Never share a house with your course mate
Why? Well, seriously, its only pressure cause while you are sleeping, your housemate is burning the midnight oil which made you feel guilty. Besides that, when your housemate gets better results than you, you have this bitter feeling that why you didn't do as well as her, oh yeah, that feeling is call jealousy.

Lesson Number Two: Never share a house with friends, not even close one!
Well i must say human is the most complex creature that ever walk on earth. One minute that so called best friend is talking and joking with you, the second minute she will be boycotting you for some weird reasons. Now, don't come and tell me this won't happen, my sister told me the same thing too, she told me she never expect this to happen, it is all so sudden and if you want to tell me to tolerate, yeah, i have been tolerating them for a long time, a year equals ten years to me. Honestly, if those housemates of mine really consider us as friends, they can tell us straight away what they are not happy about us or they can send us an email if they are too embarrassed to say it out. Not that 'Oh i don't want to embarrass you' lame reason please, i consider you as a friend therefore your suggestion and advice are always welcome. I am really tired of playing guessing game *grumbles*

Lesson Number Three: Treat yourself better
Nothing, just won't make you feel bad how you treated that friend so nicely and she treated you badly, how so unfair~~

Sorry is i can say, i have been hurting alot of my close friends, i am really sorry T T. GAH, i am still in my angst mode/tsuzuki mode/i-hate-my-ownself mode. Besides that, i wanna say, i am a bit extreme with love and hate, when someone loves me, i will treat them 10 times better than they treat me and when someone makes me hate them, i want to have nothing to do with them. >.<

So, in order to cheer myself up, i try to change my wallpaper to change the mood =P. Here is my previous wallpaper:

After the change,

Allen/Yuu!!!!!! XDDDDD

And my second choice:

Which one do you prefer? I prefer the first one, i think i will switch to the second one sometime later :D

To end my post, this is the pic that describe my current mood:

I really do feel like biting those people to death >.<

And now, please excuse me, gotta find Morgan, we are currently plotting how to destroy the world. (Just joking =P, don't take it seriously)

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Another Update
Thursday. 11.15.07 3:01 am
Oh well, i think i finally manage to settle down to study. Sigh, I just wish this nightmare would end quickly.

And today, Cheryl, one of my friends just went home. Have a safe trip cheryl dear, and thanks for all you did for me, for tolerating with my sudden outburst and sometimes give me a ride.

Er, i really have nothing to say except i wish everyone well in their real life, have a good day!!

To renaye : 18 and 69 is sort of like the code name for the characters. I apologise for the vagueness in my post. Um, there are some stuff *cough* not appropriate for some people to read. As for 'Rikka', actually it means early summer or something like that since hijikata (one of the characters birthday) falls on 5th May and the story's timeline is around that time. The Smiling Maria is a fanfic~~

To Bullet : I just realise that i forgot to answer your question, um, i got 24.4 gb for my animes if you minus the manga and the mp3s?

Ok, i got to go back to my study~~

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